Gambling Cryptocurrency Market Now Worth Over $150 Million

11 Sep 2020

Based on a recent study carried out by, the collective value of 22 top gambling cryptocurrencies is now in excess of $150 million. The data was analyzed courtesy of a proprietary tracker which outlines the volume of cryptocurrencies created exclusively for the betting sector in real-time. On top of that, the tracker also offers sector-wide insights, metrics, and data.

The gambling cryptocurrency sector’s overall worth at the time of this publication was at $168.83 million, where betting-centered digital currencies like FunFair Technologies’ $FUN tokens are revealed to be amongst the most preferred by crypto traders. $WIN, on the other hand, ranks as the most valuable gambling cryptocurrency by market capitalization. $WIN is the coin that powers the decentralized WINk casino.

While $168.83 million is the valuation for the 22 leading digital currencies, five of the most popular gambling cryptos hold market capitalizations worth more than 10 million dollars. What’s more, investors are trading over 3 million dollars every day across these coins, and the number continues to grow as the industry expands.

Moreover, according to a study that was previously carried out by, there are over 30,000 punters who visit blockchain casinos every single week. This is adequate proof that the number of traders being attracted to gambling-focused cryptocurrencies is on the rise.

A spokesman from the platform gave his opinion on the matter, indicating that as the cryptocurrency gambling industry moves forward with consolidation, investors will be looking for cryptocurrencies that possess excellent growth potential and devoting substantial amounts of cash to ensure they don’t miss out on lucrative opportunities for cashing in.

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