GamCare Creates New Initiative to Help Combat Against Financial Harm

6 Nov 2019

Those that struggle with gambling can lead to many kinds of problems. Whether it is through the addiction itself or from the after-effects such as financial woes, it a problem that continues to be on the rise for the gambling industry itself. Things like debt can be a dangerous causality from gambling-related disorders. So, GamCare has decided to take it upon themselves to resolve these issues after hearing many cases already.

Key areas have been brought together in order to cover many of the areas that this issue affects. This includes banking, debt advice, gambling treatments and the entire gambling industry as a whole. Crossing these factors together will help create a broader and more approachable solution that can help gamblers more effectively than previous counter-measures. What is the most important subject would be the financial side, focusing on helping players be wiser with their money and offer support for those that are already experiencing financial woes. This will include setting limits on oneself so that they don’t spend more than they must.

GamCare will be offering training to those who work with these individuals to offer the best quality service. There will be training packages and updated messages to make sure the employees are up-to-date with the latest information in medical, psychological and financial information. A range of resources for the players will also be available to help suit their individual needs. To offer these resources, many other businesses will be providing representatives. This includes NatWest, Santander, Citizens Advice, Playtech, The Remote Gambling Association and more.

The Customer Protection Manager for NatWest, Neil Wainwright, issued the statement in response to this call for action: “We recognize the role banks and credit organizations play in supporting and protecting problem gamblers in the UK, and we’re working hard to ensure we can provide the best specialist advice and services to customers affected”.

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