GamCare Promotes National Youth Outreach To Tackle Gambling Harms

18 Jul 2019


The Youth Outreach Programme is a new interactive service set up by the online gaming evaluation company, GamCare. From this point onwards, the plan is to help expand this product towards more areas of the UK. This includes England, Scotland and Wales. Further funding for the event will be continuing for the next two years.

Anyone aged between 11-19 can have access to the workshop activities provided by the program. Also included will be free of charge training for those that wish to handle youths in the professional industry.

The manager of the Risk Reduction Programmes at GamCare, Megan Pengelly, delivered a statement in regard to the release of the new expansion. She said: “The programme provides a vital opportunity to help young people build their knowledge, resilience and critical thinking skills around gambling, and creates a network of professionals who are engaged and understand how to support them should they need it”.

It is said the program has now more than 2,000 workers in its team and are now handling over 7,500 young people. With a total of 8 areas where the program is now available, it is said these numbers will increase to help more people in the area.

CEO of GamCare, Anna Hemmings, also talks about how the program will provide a target towards developing support groups for all of these young people. Minimizing the impacts of gambling-related disorders is the primary objective for this company and their work will help out not just young people, but the families and communities that surround them.

The Youth Outreach Programme also supports a website which itself provides further professional help. was launched in 2017 and had over 32,500 patrons that are helped by the site’s resources.

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