GamCare Unveils New Toolkit for Addressing Financial Harm

3 Oct 2020

GamCare, UK’s leader in providing support for individuals affected by problem gambling, has announced the launch of an extensive toolkit for gambling businesses, financial institutions and debt advice firms in the UK. The aim of this new toolkit is to assist the said establishments in recognizing, supporting and referral of patrons who are going through financial harm from compulsive gambling. A big part of this initiative also involves offering a consistent communication channel across all points of the client’s journey.

According to GameCare’s statistics, over 70% of callers reaching out to its National Gambling Helpline each year mention something related to gambling debt or financial struggles – a problem that’s faced by both the gamblers and their close friends and family.

Gamblers who are experiencing financial hardships often come across a range of services that try to address their problem, but they hardly get expert financial advice along their journey to recovery. As such, GamCare decided to assemble a team of finance pros, including top debt firms and charities, high street banks, gambling companies and individuals who’ve experienced the harms of gambling.

The primary objective of this new toolkit is to offer organizations tools that will offer higher quality communication with customers about the risks of gambling and make it easier for gamblers to access support faster before things escalate. The new GamCare toolkit is now available on the official GamCare website, coming complete with customized material for gambling treatment and expert advice from banking companies, debt advice agencies and gambling businesses.

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