It’s Time to Let the Bubbles Pop with New GameArt Slot Bubble Fruits

25 Feb 2020

GameArt is revealing its newest title to kick off its new portfolio of games. For Bubble Fruits, GameArt is showing off its fun and creative side with this new colorful addition. Experience a juicy, neon river full of endless possibilities in a classic slot game mixed together in a beautiful concoction of modern ingenuity.

In this standard 5-reel slot machine, players will be spinning the reels and landing together all the different fruits in explosive combinations. However, these delicious fruits are all trapped in bubbles. Score them in a row, and you can pop the bubbles to reveal the prizes. You can grab strawberries, blackberries, bananas, oranges, pears, apples, and so much more. Winning these prizes can cause other bubbles around the symbols to pop further, increasing the amount of money you can gain.

Scoring the Wild of the Bubble Fruits slot will act as the catalyst for the biggest explosions. These will cause bubbles around the Wild to pop in a pattern, meaning that anyone of these can be scored in further combinations by cause of an Expanding Wild. If you score the Scatter symbol, these can reward you with free spins that can be used to gain maximum potential on the payouts. Both the Scatter and the Wild are shown as the same symbol – a bright, pink W.

If you wish to double your winnings, you can take part in a simple red or black game where you must guess the color of the next card in the deck. Guess correctly, and you earn double of what you recently won. Guess incorrectly, and you lose all your winnings, so be careful.

GameArt will be releasing the game shortly as it will soon be available to all its connected operators. Simply play the demo version on their official site or play at one of these casinos for real money.

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