Germany To Separate Sports Betting And Online Casinos

Sports Betting in Germany Disassociated from Online Casinos

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As of January 1st, 2020, licenses that permit the use of sports betting within Germany will require no connection to an online casino or its services. The new licensing regulation was built around the rising concerns in the online gambling industry to reduce risk to harm.

The leading body behind this new license regulation is the Darmstadt Regional Council. The new guidelines will be aimed towards those looking into gaining a license to permit sports betting within its establishment. The Hesse state council has been handling much of the country’s transitions into online gambling, especially for those looking at new regulations towards the licenses that allow these transitions to occur. Not only does the license require no connection to online casinos, but the user must have to prove they have none of these connections, to begin with. This includes those out of the country of Germany as well.

Another requirement for the license to be authorized is that they must also promise to not promote any of these online casinos in any shape or format. The new licensing rules will be put into place on January 1st, 2020. However, this new format will only last a year and a half, to fully test to see if the expected results have been made a reality.

All the 16 states within the country of Germany have offered their full consent for this procedure to come into effect, in order to succeed in the authorization of legal gambling. Surprisingly, the state of Shleswig-Holstein is the only one allowed to promote online gambling. Whether the legislation will truly come into effect will have to wait until discussions in October have worked out the remaining concerns and issues of the country.

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