Gaming Innovation Group Has Struck SEK 400M on Nasdaq in Stockholm

28 Dec 2019

Stockholm-listed company, Gaming Innovation Group, has just managed to secure its right to operate in Nasdaq Stockholm. The new deal cost them a total of over SEK 400 million. Expected interest repayments are due for 2022. The trading will begin on the 27th December 2019 after the corporate filing has been sorted by the GIG governance.

All transactions that will be permitted by GIG will be gaining approval from Finansinspektionen first. It is the financial authority in Sweden, which will govern most government-supervised transactions with the country’s finances. The governing body will also be looking at the initial terms and agreements before they act as well, making sure that the new deal does not break any of the current regulations.

In conclusion, GIG will be using this deal to help repay its payments to the country that it operates in, providing a new form of income and growth that will benefit not just the area, but the brand itself and the attached premium content. This also includes repaying the large majority of the capital credit facilities used in the operations. This will either be paid in full or in part-time payments, depending on how well the profits turn out.

If there is the chance that any surplus income is brought in, this will be used in the way of supporting the country in their own way. The money will be used to provide funding for general corporate uses, some which will benefit both the area and the brands that are connected to them.

The other brand names connected to the Gaming Innovation Group will be acting as the guarantors to this new deal. Operators such as Zecure Gaming, Innovations Labs, iGamingCloud and MT SecureTrade are just a few examples which will be offering their support within the coming transactions.

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