GVC Holdings Announces Partnership with EPIC Risk Management Form

13 Mar 2020

EPIC Risk Management is one of the world’s leading companies in helping minimize the risk is gambling-related disorders by offering various services and consultancies. They have now planned to offer more services for this cause thanks to their new partnership with GVC Holdings, a sports betting and gaming group within the US.

The partnership is funded by the GVC Foundation US which has dedicated itself to providing the main body of GVC with the resources it needs to complete its mission. The programs presented by EPIC will be running in over 14 different areas which will be preparations within 2020 to 2021. Many US states from New York all the way to North Carolina will be hosting these programs.

The reason why this has been brought as a proposal is due to the increase in American gambling-related problems, with over 7 million US adults diagnosed. The Trustee for the GVC Foundation US, Martin Lycka, issued the following statement regarding the recent report:

“As the leading provider of advisory and education in problem gambling, EPIC Risk Management has done extraordinary work in Europe. Our partnership with EPIC in locations throughout the U.S. will continue that impactful mission.”

Educational sessions will be at the forefront of the programs, hosted by professional athletes who will offer a more insightful look into those who suffer from gambling-related disorders. The whole course will be set over the time of 2 years. $2.5 million will be used to finance the operation to provide everything participants need when seeking help with their issues.

The main reason why athletes are being used as counsellors is to help address that these issues affect everyone. Presenting the participants with cold-hard truths can be just the wake-up call needed for them to seek out expert help in tackling their problems.

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