Illinois Will Finally Be Beginning Its Sports Betting Operations

Illinois will be soon preparing to introduce sports betting licenses to its operators in their state. The new legislative comes from the new emergency rules that have been put in place after the reinstatement of vertical becoming legal in July 2019. Thanks to the new rules, many licenses can now be fully processed and applied for so that more operators can have sports betting added to their list of services. With sports wagering, other services can also be included, such as a management service provider, supplier, official league supporter and occupational roles as well.

More laws will be coming into place after the previous licensing process will be shut down due to the rule changes. These will be drafted and permitted once the sports betting will become fully operational early next year. New enforced laws will be following shortly. The licenses are expected to cost up to $20 million once the laws have been put in place. This news was not mentioned during the emergency section of the new deal.

The Illinois Gaming Board Administrator, Marcus Fruchter, released the following statement on the new announcement: “Today’s release of applications and phase one rules is a significant step in the process the General Assembly and Governor Pritzker began earlier this year – the ethical and transparent implementation of sports wagering in Illinois”.

A total of six new types of licenses will be available along with the sports betting license. Racetracks will be able to attain permits for their races and also allow betting terminals to be stationed on a state-city scale.

As well as Illinois, other states will also be joining the movements of including more forms of entertainment for the operators. Michigan will be beginning to offer sports betting hopefully next year after it has signed its own laws on the matter.

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