Will Rushed Online Sports Betting Cause Future Gambling Problems For Indiana?


Indiana is said to be a home for many online gambling establishments. You can take part in just about any field you can think of from the new and fancy slot machines to the classic table games of old. Once you have reached over the age of 21, players of Indiana will now be open to taking part in pro level as well as college sports betting, from either a browser or mobile version. However, with new ways to gamble online comes a heightened risk of increased addictions to gambling. Is opening more ways to bet money just a new way for players to become more obsessed with gambling problems?

Last year, the governing bodies such as the US Supreme Court were debating on whether it was acceptable or not to include more fields of gambling in Indiana. The verdict voted for this as they concluded that it would help increase more work opportunities for people and provide new forms of employment for the country to earn more profit in the long run. It is estimated by the Krejcik research firm that online sports betting could earn the country up to $1.7 million.

With the development of these new online entertainment fields, the government grows more increasing concerns on how this would cause more potential gambling problems down the line in terms of addictions.

The Indiana Gaming Commission’s deputy director, Jenny Reske, spoke up about the rising concerns. She said: “We are certainly not going to roll something like this out until at least one operator is ready”.

Jenny continues by stating that all necessary procedures will be put in place in order to combat the risks of gambling disorders. This includes helplines linked with the websites and working operators to help people deal with any issues regarding their health. Other organizations such as the Sports Wagering Integrity Monitoring Association will help out the supervision.

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