Jackpot Giant, The Playtech Slot Delivers An Outstanding Jackpot

9 Jul 2019

As of July 8th, records have been broken with one incredible player from the Ladbrokes casino. This player was able to receive a massive prize from the popular slot game, Jackpot Giant. The amount that was won accumulated to around 1,693,062.87 Euros. This was over 376,236 times the actual bet that the player had placed into the machine.

Jackpot Giant in an awe-inspiring casino game with impressive visuals and high-definition graphics. Its cartoonish main character and game’s amazing bonuses come in handy in the quest for prizes. The Wilds are the main aims of the game, releasing extraordinary rewards when they are landed. The slot has gained massive popularity ever since it was released back in 2014. As a progressive jackpot, the aim is to create a challenging experience as there is always the chances to win prizes this big while playing.

The amount of money that was bet to win this jackpot was only 4.50 Euros. To reach an incredible amount from such small a number is both incredible for the game and the casino itself. This will rival other progressive jackpot games in other casinos across the online community.

The casino’s Director at Playtech, James Frendo, issued the following statement. He said: “Jackpot Giant has become one of Playtech’s most iconic games and characters, so it’s fitting that he has awarded a truly giant, life-changing payout”. Having been with Ladbrokes for a very long time, it is exciting to see that a player has become a millionaire from the continued contributions of this partnership.

The commercial manager of Ladbrokes, Adam Goodall, wanted to congratulate both the player and Playtech for helping out with this amazing win. This will mark the second time such an event has occurred within Ladbrokes from the Jackpot Giant game alone. It shows that just anyone can become a winner this big from just the amazement of one game alone.

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