Jastremski to Host a New Sports Wagering Show at WFAN

18 Aug 2020

John Jastremski, the popular overnight host at WFAN, one of New York’s most engaging sports radio stations, has announced the debut of a new gambling show on the same radio network. The brand-new show by the name WFAN’s Odds on Sports will be airing every weekday for half an hour starting at 6:00 PM. The first episode of the sports betting show will premier today, on Tuesday. And as usual, Jastremski will still continue with his mantle as a host for the regular overnight show that takes place from 1:00 to 5:00 AM on the station.

The highly anticipated Odds on Sports show will now take over the rather unappealing half an hour block that has been following WFAN’s afternoon lineup of the dynamic duo of Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno. This 30-minute slot had initially been reserved for Mike Francesca after he left his longtime afternoon show back in December.

Starting today, this awkward half an hour block will have a more interesting segment. And since Jastremski will still be the host of his overnight show, the 6:00 PM airtime session will offer him more than enough time to put a sharper focus on sports betting without having to explore other subjects.

Now that sports events are making a comeback after a standstill of nearly four months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the new show by Jastremski is part of WFAN’s campaign to push for sports gambling content on its platform. The Odds on Sports show will nicely complement the ‘Pick of the Day’ segment that was introduced in the midday show to recommend one sports wager to fans every day!

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