Kenya Government Demands the Reinstallation of the Gambling Advert Ban

8 Jul 2019


As of now, the Kenya Government has begun issuing a statement that declares the restrictions of gambling adverts for online casino establishments.

These series of legislations began in May 2019, which were declared by the Betting Control and Licensing Board. This branch of Kenya’s government wished to move forward with the aim to ban all types of marketing strategies that are aimed to get more people to play online casino games. This includes most forms of gambling such as slot machines, table games and even the lottery. Betting on sport is also another branch affected by these new laws. While they are taking place, anything that is used in an attempt to advertise or market them is completely prohibited. This also includes any celebrity involvement, such as appearing in TV advertisements or on any online forums or videos.

However, let it be known that this was simply an attempt at trying to bring these new legislations to be authorized by Kenya Government. The High Court of Kenya has hereby suspended such acts and has declared that the idealism behind such an effect is not based on any solid ground.

The court is now in full swing in a legislative battle that could determine the very future of gambling marketing. The Attorney General has brought forward a signed paper that is to represent any authority-based power within the country. It is the hope that this application will apply pressure to the government, convincing them the importance of the ban and its advantages for the country.

Annette Nyakora is the State Counsel in charge of such matters. She said: “The government is fearful that the public and more particularly the youth are likely to be adversely affected by the judgment which lifted the ban”. It is clear that the government itself has not been given most of the facts on this case and will continue to research further to gain all the information they need before a full decision is about to be made.

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