KSA Plan to Review Their Latest Report on Annual Remote Gambling Bill

25 Mar 2020

As of now, the 2019 annual report and the 2020 monitoring report for gambling in the Netherlands has just been released by the Netherlands Gambling Authority, also known as Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). The government plans to outline and review these reports in hoping to make promising changes to the Remote Gambling Bill which was passed in February 2019.

The new bill is set to be ready in January 2021. It will be introducing improved methods of helping set requirements to better responsible gambling and further fight back against the risk of gambling addiction.

In the report, the first major concern was the rise in fines related to gambling in 2019. $3.8 million had been collected because of the illegal provision in the Netherlands gambling industry.

Thanks to the monitoring report, it has been made more apparent that further procedures must be made to protect individual gamblers, especially in the prevention of young people gambling and ensuring their safety. To do this, visible age restrictions will be made more noticeable and the shift will be focusing on stopping more illegal offerings to their Dutch customer base.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors at KSA, René Jansen, discussed the obstacles faced with Remote Gambling Bill potential changes and the importance of why they must be made:

“The fact consumers benefit from strict, clear requirements in the field of addiction prevention needs hardly any further explanation. People enjoy gambling, but gambling is also risky.”

She states that simply placing a ban on online gambling is out of the question. Instead, efforts should be made in focusing on the protection of customers instead of placing more restrictions on their own entertainment.

While it will take a year for the new bill to be put into place, this will give the KSA plenty of time to make any necessary changes and to prepare fully for any possible deprecations to respond accordingly.

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