All New Lite Booster To Increase Engagement With Radi8 Products from Genesis Gaming

9 Jul 2019

All New Lite Booster To Increase Engagement With Radi8 ProductsAs of today, a new Lite Free Spin Booster will be added to the collection of Booster bonuses available for any of the games at Radi8, a Genesis Gaming branch. It will be used to help further raise the number of players willing to play these products.

For Radi8 or its other branch, Radi+, there is a loyalty program in which players can earn loyalty points based on their performance and how often they play games from this brand. The special mechanic allows players to exchange the points for great advantages to help increase their winnings. They can be multipliers, special symbols or more importantly, free spins.

Radi8 first launched this campaign at the start of the year, with the hope of using this scheme to help bring in more players and reward them for their hard work. The special Radcoins, as they are so-called, can be used across any of the games that the organization has introduced. The Boosters and Radcoins can be exchanged for a variety of bonuses that best suit the player’s personal needs. Whether they need free spins to spend less or they wish to be granted a bigger window when trying to score combinations, it’s all up to them.

This new Lite Booster is set to be an even bigger benefit for players, as it can reach almost the same amount of free spins from the regular Boosters except it will be sold at a lower cost. Meaning players can spend less of their Radcoins to gain these spins. The main objective is so that these benefits can be made accessible to all players and that everyone has an equal chance of gaining them, without the difficulty of trying to get more Radcoins than the others.

Peyman Zadeh, the brand owner of Radi8 Games, released a comment with this new service. He said: “We want the Radi8 experience to be felt as quickly as possible so players can really grasp the differentiation the brand offers”.

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