Lockdown Boredom Responsible for Increased Gambling In NZ

7 May 2020

A recent report by the New Zealand’s Health Promotion Agency showed that there was a 9% increase in the gambling activities by players who are currently in lockdown following the outbreak of the Corona Virus. Boredom seems to be the main reason for the increased number of online gamers.

The recent Covid-19 impact study carried out by the agency in regards to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and betting services during the level 4 lockdown in the country was conducted on 1,190 adult respondents. 39% of the sample population have gambled since the lockdown was put in place. Out of the 39%, 50% gambled less than usual with 41% taking their normal gambling routine. However, 9% of the gamblers were reported to be gambling more than usual. From the increased 9%, the respondents were between 18-24 years of age.

Out of the gamblers, 23% didn’t gamble online completely following the lockdown. However, 24% were reported to be gambling less than often with 33% sticking to their routine. 12% gambled more than usual with 8% trying online gambling for the very first time.

Out of the 18-24 age group, 8% gambled more than usual as opposed to 18% from the 25-49 age bracket. The online gamblers who did it more than usual said it was as a result of the lockdown as land-based casinos were closed. Boredom, need to relax, and urge to win some cash made them do it more than usual. For the gamblers who did it less than usual, they stated financial constraints and gambling addiction as the reasons.

65% of the gamblers preferred MyLotto site as their online choice while 19% preferred New Zealand Tab. 15% preferred to gamble at Lotto New Zealand’s Instant Kiwi app. Following the closure of land-based casinos, Lotto New Zealand has recorded approximately 125,000 new customers.

In general, the lockdown boredom has stirred a rapid increase in the number of online gamblers as per the statistics from various online gambling service providers.

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