“Reliable Facts” Have Been Called Upon By The Lords Committee In Gambling Habits And Impacts

4 Jul 2019


The House of Lords Select Committee who supports the UK regulatory policy and oversight in gambling has now called upon a ‘call for evidence’ from industry stakeholders within the gambling world. This was after researching the social and economic effect of the gambling industry.

The Committee plans to make further attempts into researching this field, hoping to gain more reliable information and insights on elements relating to the gambling fields and its connections with players who may be affected by gambling disabilities or disorders.

The Committee’s main objective in this area is to help focus on improving its knowledge on the matter and updating their databases with more reliable research. This especially is in regard to the developments of gambling habits, which currently suffer from a lack of accurate information on what is the cause of the problem.

The Committee plans to gather this information from the UK betting stakeholders. This will be assessed alongside the key research criteria in order to find out whether the Gambling Act 2005 has achieved the objective of ‘Preventing gambling from becoming a crime or disorder’.

This will also call into question the other statement that is laid out as ‘gambling operators have a legal duty of care to their customers’. One must be sure that all these policies are being upheld with the highest regard.

Leading the inquiry is the Lord Grade of Yarmouth, who will be acting Chairman of the Committee.

His main statement says: “The Committee is keen to receive evidence from a wide range of individuals, organisations and any sectors or groups in society effected. We encourage anyone with experience of the issues to share their views, and participate in this vital inquiry”.

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