MGA Acts with New Guidelines in Response to Brexit

17 Oct 2019

The Malta Gaming Authority has decided to act on the recent happening with the UK’s government. The force of Brexit has caused many changes to happen with all kinds of businesses. This includes the online gambling industry, with new laws and regulations to handle how gambling will be changed now that the UK will no longer be part of the European Union.

These guidelines will be published under the new changes that will come immediately after the exit has been authorized in October. The guidelines will solely be aimed towards these regulatory affairs that the Malta Gaming Authority supervises over. This includes the casino and software providers in which they offer licenses to. Operators and the like must be well aware that there will be consequences happening with them as well as the MGA itself. This includes matters such as data limitations, immigrations, employment with the companies, fulfilling the duties within these businesses and the considerations with copyright laws.

Not only specific online gambling companies will be affected, but the land-based distributors as well. Any products that go through the UK will have to be reevaluated if they are being transported from the UK to other European countries. Services like customer support are also going to be affected when dealing with customers from other countries.

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, many businesses are in preparation for adapting themselves to the changes that are to come with Brexit.

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