Michigan Celebrates New Laws That Allow Online Gambling and Betting

23 Dec 2019

Michigan has managed to create a wonderful new opportunity for the entertainment industry in its state. Government representative, Gretchen Whitmer, has officially signed new Gaming Bills that allow online gambling services to be completely legal in their jurisdiction. This momentous occasion comes from years of backing and forwarding discussions on authorizing gambling activity online. It is said that Michigan will become the first state to allow commercial and Native American casinos to operate alongside the online gambling services, which include the sports betting and slot gaming.

Whitmer issued the following statement after the official signing of the new bills: “My top priority in signing this legislation was protecting and investing in the School Aid Fund, because our students deserve leaders who put their education first.”

By allowing gambling services, this opens up a new form of income for the government to use in precious projects such as the School Aid Fund. The hard work that came from this was not just Whitmer. Senator Curtis Hertel and Representative Rebekah Warren used exceptional leadership in opening these new opportunities. Other charities can also benefit from this, such as firefighters battling cancer. This will be a real source of good for the state from such a popular form of entertainment.

Firstly, final regulations still need to be made by gambling regulators to supervise and review the gambling rules. They also need to grant approval to operators opening in the state after the new laws take full effect. 2020 will be the start of many new businesses beginning their operations in sports betting and iGaming options. Estimated opening times are looking towards March.

The Michigan Gaming Control board will be the first regulator that will take charge after the gaming bill signings. They will have the final say in what commences and form the structure that will support the entire online gambling industry in Michigan.

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