Microgaming Delivers The True Power Of The Seas With Boom Pirates

4 Oct 2019

Microgaming is hoisting its colours and preparing to set sail with the newest pirates to hit the treasure hunting scene. Boom Pirates are here for gold and adventure, with maybe just a little bit of explosions along the way. Created by the studio Foxium, this new slot game is ready to man the cannons and blow the competition to smithereens.

Featuring incredible animations and stunning visuals, this is an adventurous slot machine that should not be missed out on. The captain of the ship, named Captain Mary, will be your rival as you race towards the incredible prizes that are revealed on this wide blue ocean. The Boom Pirates game will also feature mechanics from other Foxium titles such as Wonderways and Foxify.

During the Wonderways scenario, cannons will be firing at multiple locations on the 5×4 reel slot machine. Opening will be made which will reveal not only a fifth but a sixth reel also, meaning it will grant more chances to obtain more glorious bounty. Over 10 million paylines can be used to score winning combinations.

With Foxify, players can also increase the amount of winnings they receive. It involves adding 50% of your wager added to your initial bet, granting the cannon more firepower and increasing the chances of a successful grid explosion.

Captain Mary will lead the charge in finding the massive YO-HO-HO symbols. As the Scatter of the game, they can grant free spins which can maximize the profits you earn. Free spins will be found from an illustrious treasure map. Combine all these bonuses together to become the most revered and richest pirate on the seven seas.

If you can’t wait for the treasure map, then you can purchase the free spins for a price of 100x the initial bet you have made. It may be expensive, but it can give you that final push you need to get an edge in the treasure race.

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