Neccton and SkillOnNet Promote Safer Gambling with New Management Tool

The popular platform provider for casino gaming, SkillOnNet, has officially announced its latest dealership with data science specialist, Neccton. The aim of this partnership will be the creation of a new management tool which will help promote safer gambling and fight against gambling-related disorders.

The new tool is named, Mentor, which was developed by Neccton in cooperation with a team of highly trained professionals specializing in both psychology and science. The purpose of this tool is about tracking and recording the data taken from the player. Looking into their recent bets, analyzing any potential risks in how much they bet, supervising any behavioral changes and report on any clear signs of problem gambling occurring in the observed.

When the player is considered a confirmed risk, they are given a detailed report which points out these elements of their behavior which are deemed problematic. Feedback to improve on this behavior is then given, followed by careful communication to ensure this information is taken in a positive manner.

The way the feedback is given is through a special ‘counselling’ session by trained psychologists. William Miller and Stephen Rollnick are among them, who describe this form of counselling as ‘motivational interviewing.’

The Director of Neccton, Michael Auer, issued the following statement after the announcement of the partnership.

“Academic research is at the core of our work. Over the last ten years we have published more studies than anybody else in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming.”

The Head of Compliance at SkillOnNet, Andy Andrew, is thrilled at the amount of research and efforts that have gone into this new program, in the hopes that will be the next step in preventing problem gambling with this year’s new target audiences.

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