NetEnt Brings Back The Greatest Warrior In History Named Conan

26 Sep 2019

Net Entertainment is proud to bring around the latest creation based on one of the most frightening and powerful warriors in history, the great barbarian himself named Conan. Featuring action, visuals and incredible ways to win, this barbarian is about to bring the pain.

Conan is one of the most recognizable heroes in the modern era, recreated in just about any kind of medium you can think of from comic books to having his own movie. Throughout the world, everyone fears the very name of Conan. So why not have him win you prizes instead?

The game will feature incredible graphics that will capture his raw power and superior essence. Displaying his feats of strength and primal rage that will surely get you pumped to spin the reels.

In this six-reel slot machine, there will be four rows to land combinations on with 24 paylines. Simply because Conan himself is a big presence, it is only natural that the reels are also just a little bigger. There are four epic bonus features that can help the player win and defeat the warrior in battle.

Tower Wilds can stack Wilds together and allow more opportunities to win combinations. Mystery Symbols can be anything and provide different bonuses based on what’s revealed. Battle Wilds can trigger a bonus battle game to win more rewards. Finally, the Thoth-Amon feature will summon forth the gods to give players a chance of winning the biggest prizes of them all.

The NetEnt Director of Games, Bryan Upton, issued the following statement with the release: “With a globally-loved brand and legendary central character, Conan is a perfect addition to the NetEnt portfolio of licensed titles”.

Providing a faithful adaptation can make players more excited than ever to play this new title.

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