Nevada Bookies Get Generous with NHL Bettors

30 May 2020

The regular NHL season was going strong when the coronavirus wave came in and brought everything to a standstill. There was no way to shut off COVID-19, so like other professional sports in the USA, the ice hockey league was left with only one choice – to close everything down.

However, by the time COVID-19 came to wreak havoc, hundreds of thousands of sports betting fans had already staked their bets on the games – which couldn’t be more devastating. Shutting down the league was one thing, but suspending already placed bets is so much worse because the staked money was now in a limbo!

Thankfully, players whose bets were on the line across all bookies are going to receive out refunds, based on a range of guidelines that the Nevada state released, and it included NHL bets. Looking at the standing house rules, there are a couple of NHL bets which are usually considered valid only as long as all the season’s 82 or 81 games are played. But then, given that regular NHL season was officially canceled and a modified playoff schedule was introduced in its stead, bets staked on the game point totals of the participating team will now be refunded to players.

Sources close to the matter uncovered that so far William Hill, Caesars Entertainment, and Westgate will gladly honor the rules and begin to offer refunds on the bets already staked.

Caesars wants to wait till the division winners are announced by the NHL before grading division bets, but either way, they will most likely be refunding all bets at the end as explained by Jeff Davis, the director of trading at Caesars.

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