New Hampshire Becomes Another State to Join Mobile Betting Platforms

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Finally, after long waits, a new state within the US will be welcoming the mobile betting option on its casino platforms. New Hampshire, after Rhode Island being the first, has introduced mobile betting as an option for players who take part in online gambling in the state.

The first casino to launch this new service thanks to the new legislation will be the popular casino, DraftKings. The service will be set up the moment the option will be verified on December 30th, kick-starting the new year for a new target market for players to take part in. Governor, Chris Sununu, was not expecting to introduce mobile betting so soon. Initial thoughts were that the service would be introduced either January or February 2020.

Participants who wish to take part in mobile gaming must be 21 years of age or older, as is the law for the United States. In order for them to play, they must register with the mobile version of the casino app itself. This can be downloaded from the associated software, as reported by the Associated Press. The press hopes that their reports will help boost the player’s interest in mobile betting just as the new legislation has been introduced to the state.

With over 1.35 million people in New Hampshire, this makes them a much bigger target market to aim at than Rhode Island. Thanks to DraftKings efforts, a six-year partnership has been secured with New Hampshire to help create a strong stepping stone for the mobile betting system to take off from. They especially would benefit from this head start since Rhode Island has already gained a tremendous pull in the market with it having mobile betting first.

It is also hopeful that New Hampshire will be able to compete against other states that have become powerhouses in the online gambling industry. Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts are fully prepared to introduce full betting capabilities. New Hampshire will be on the road to be a competitive contender.

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