The Sound of Punk and Rock Is about to Turn up in New Slot Black Mamba

16 Nov 2019

Play’n GO is about to bring the music scene to its players with a brand-new style and punk-esque new rock slot. The Black Mamba slot revolves around the newest band and players are all excited to see their next concert. Listen to their music and play along with the game to help them win amazing prizes. You yourself can be rewarded with new payouts. Become their biggest fan ever to reap the benefits.

Play’n GO has always been a fan of dark and edgy tones to support their line-ups. Titles include House of Doom, Sabaton and Demon are all ruminating with the punk lifestyle and demonic presence. With these games being as popular as they are, it was a surprising turn for the provider to continue this aggressive theme. Black Mamba will be a new take bringing the sound of rock’n’roll to the players that love it.

As you spin the reels, you will be cheering on all four members of the Black Mamba. Martina Cori the singer, Alexandra Maiolo the guitarist, Cecilia Nappo the bassist and Federico Maragoni the drummer. Each of their musical skills can bring different bonuses and benefit you in winning. Choose your favourite member and select your favourite playstyle.

The slot game itself will contain original music composed by the band itself that the slot is based off. The design of the band and the background music help create a real and immersive setting for all those that love the thrill of rock bands.

The CEO of Play’n GO, Johan Törnqvist, talked about how the development of this game came to be.

“Creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do; we want to take this form of entertainment into new territories, and that means playing with new ideas and new concepts,” he said.

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