New Measures Introduced By Norsk Tipping To Help Further Ensure More Responsible Gambling

5 Jul 2019
badge Norway Operator Norsk Tipping Introduces New Measures To Ensure Responsible Gambling


Norsk Tipping, a state-owned gambling operating establishment in Norway, is about to introduce new ways to help further advertise and promote more responsible gambling for its residents. Any player who takes part in the gambling services connected to this organization will now have a review of all their current gambling and gambling history, which can be witnessed by the operators. This occurs every time the online account has been accessed.

Before this, players needed to manually check their own history and habits. However, the information will now appear the moment the account is opened, allowing players to check it on a regular basis.

The head gaming advisor for Norsk Tipping, Tanja Sveen, explained this new development saying the aim would be to show the customers their overall consumption over the last seven, 30 and 365 days. The main objective would be to help the players become more aware of their spending habits, allowing them to take control of how much they spend to reduce the risk of any gambling addictions.

She mentioned how it could become very easy for a person to not be aware of how much they have lost. By seeing this statistic, they can have a moment of self-realization and work to change their behavior so that such negligence never happens again.

In 2018, Norsk Tipping conducted research into the matter and found out that there has been a huge increase in gambling issues. More specifically relating to those who may be developing such addictions. They found the number rose from 6,000 to 10,000 within that year.

They have found that such growth has mainly originated from the rise of online gambling. However, by being online, this grants access to such information more quickly, allowing new procedures to be implemented more effectively. It is important to break the illusions of small gains camouflaging huge losses.

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