Relive the Iconic Legend of Ali Baba with the Newest Game by Play’n Go

29 Feb 2020

Play’n Go has unveiled a new slot game that is inspired by one of the most iconic figures in folklore of the Middle East. The Fortunes of Ali Baba reveals to players a new adventure to take part in. It involves daring courses through dangerous tombs to reveal the hidden treasures that lay beneath.

In this 5-reel slot machine, players will be spinning reels to relive the tale of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. The story originates from the One Thousand and One Nights collection of Arabian fairy tales. In this journey, players will be using symbols based on the elements to unlock new pathways to treasure beyond imagining. Winning combinations with these symbols will reward the player with smaller prizes.

The bonuses themselves are based on certain aspects of the Ali Baba story. Oil jar symbols relate to the time Ali needed to break open oil jars to reveal the treasure. Landing them in a necessary combination will reward the player with free spins. There was also another time where Ali was being chased by the King of Thieves. In this special mini-game, players must keep winning to escape his clutches and to secure Ali Baba’s safety. Doing so will reward Ali and yourself with the biggest prize of them all.

Play’n Go went into a lot of detail with the story to help make this slot more accurate to the original tale. Creating a faithful adaptation, the developers show how much care they have placed into the game.

The CEO of Play’n Go, Johan Törnqvist, commented:

“We wanted to take the most exciting elements of the story to create a fun game that people could enjoy playing as well as experiencing the most exciting parts of a well-loved story.”

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