Relax Gaming Program Expanded Further Thanks To Probability Jones

As of 29th July, the software provider, Relax Gaming, has managed to achieve greater success in its program which plans to create stronger connections through partnerships. Named the Powered By program, the newest addition of its global expansion is the rising provider, Probability Jones.

As the description of the network entails, Powered By will be adding in games from Probability Jones to the rest of the collection already being provided by many other successful developers. Probability Jones will be allowing the use of its most popular slot machine titles. This includes those such as Bird Jewelled and The Everlasting Scratchcard, Red Hot Win Spin and the even those yet to be officially released such as Captain Cosmic.

The purpose of the Powered By program is to help create a vast network of professionals that can work together to provide entertainment for gamblers. By allowing games to be shared across a large collaboration, providers can learn from each other and have access to larger target markets to test their products. Probability Jones is yet another great addition to this, increasing the growth and popularity of the project itself.

The CPO at Relax Gaming, Simon Hammon, discusses how Probability Jones will be a tremendous new addition to the team. “We are looking forward to working closely with their team to deliver innovative, industry-leading content and believe that, with our commitment to transparency and collaboration, we will create great new prospects on both sides”. He discusses how even the name itself is an amazing aspect that makes its personality shine more from the rest.

The CEO at Probability Jones, David Newstead, talks about how the Powered By network can greatly benefit the provider in the long run. With over 570 games to advertise, this new partnership will provide the foothold that is needed to help break through the walls and show the high-quality products.

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