Problem Gambling and How to Find Better Solutions

29 May 2020

Gambling problems continue to adversely affect the gaming industry with players being on the bitter end. Despite witnessing several companies coming up with a responsible gambling strategy, a lot still needs to be done regarding the gambling problems.

Recently, a 26-year-old electrical engineer committed suicide following a gambling problem. Having conducted investigations, the UK Gambling Commission reported its findings on the possible lead to the issue and even revealing the platform where the said victim gambled.

This has shed a much brighter spotlight on the UK markets, revealing a lot of existing loopholes when it comes to gambling responsibly.

On one hand, given that gambling is an individual act of making decisions, gambling companies cannot be held solely liable for making money whenever a player loses a bet. Gamblers tend to express their frustrations in various ways having lost their bets when outcomes don’t come out as expected. On the other hand, gambling companies have also targeted the high-rollers to make the very best out of it. However, profiting from a gambling problem at all costs is not a viable business model.

Gambling operators have come up with responsible gambling strategies such as the introduction of player loss limits in an attempt to curb the menace. And even though companies are coming out boldly to introduce new responsible gaming measures, problem gambling is still a core issue that is yet to be eradicated.

To ensure that the problem of irresponsible gambling not evolve, all gambling companies in the industry should work together. Even more important, individual players should also be responsible for their gambling actions. In a nutshell, a right collective mentality is indeed crucial for the success to deal with the problem more tactfully and fruitfully.

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