Radi8 Unveils A New Notification Center To Keep Gamers In The Know

Radi8 launched its in-game notification center for quicker passing of messages to players. Thanks to this brand-new push notification feature, all games under Radi8’s umbrella can now effortlessly deliver news and regular messages to players. Players will receive instant notifications that pass across information about offers, achievements, quick-tips, and news to keep them well motivated as they have fun online. You can access this remarkable feature in any game offered by Radi8, by clicking the game’s notification icon.

According to the brand owner of the Radi8 Games, the introduction of this new feature was imperative because of the extra engagement options and player journey variations that Rad+ brought to the table. The latest update centralizes communication in the course of the game to bring more convenience to players.

Soon, new notification platform will also act as an expressway for casino operators to send their players customized messages for streamlined one-on-one engagement. So far, this platform is one among the many cross-game features that Radi8 has recently introduced to boost player experience beyond the standard gameplay.

About Radi8 Games

The Radi8 Games brand is a cutting-edge brainchild of Genesis Group, unveiled in a bid to launch a new online slots revolution. With a wave of cookie-cutter content sweeping the market space, it is creating slot features that have brought new life to the gaming sector. Currently, all its latest games come with a touch-friendly responsive mobile interface to bring you the action right at your fingertips.

Radi8 is truly redefining slot machine gaming for the new generation of players who demand more than just basic gaming.

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