Red Tiger Gaming Presents the Mystery behind the Golden Cryptex

Red Tiger Gaming is continuing its journey of delivering exceptional games every month. The latest game they have released is one that is sure to delve deep into the psyche of mystery loving gamblers. Golden Cryptex contains tons of secrets to unlock, and it’s up to the player to uncover them all in the hopes of finding the biggest treasure of them all.

In this standard 5×3 reel slot machine, there is nothing simple about it when you get behind the covers. Styled in an intricate codex used in the days of old, players will be spinning the reels that are represented as the spinning slides that envelop the majority of the codex. In order to win, the player must match up symbols that are shown in the device. Using traditional card numbers and classic casino symbols, players can easily recognize the correct combinations they must aim for in order for them to win successful payouts. However, because Golden Cryptex based on the famous device, it acts as such with only 3 paylines for players to win money on. Never fear though, as the game provides other great opportunities to increase winning odds.

If the player lands the Golden Aces, they will unlock a secret mechanism in the device that will awaken extra free spins on the codex. The inner codex will allow more, prize-winning symbols to be revealed. Some even include more Golden Aces, meaning that the Golden Spins can be re-triggered and chained together. The more inner working of the codex that get unlocked, the more higher paying symbols will appear on the reels. Only by chaining these openings altogether can the player hope to gain the biggest prize of them all and see the premium symbols in play. Crack the code and reveal the Golden Cryptex’s greatest secrets through focus and patience.

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