Relax Gaming Gives You No Time to Relax with the Explosive TNT Tumble

Relax Gaming is presenting their own explosive journey into a prize-filled world full of surprises. Their newest slot game is set to drive home this theme with every win and every bonus setting off a chain-reaction of explosions. The slot is named TNT Tumble, and as you can imagine, it’s full of TNT.

In this 5x4 reel slot machine, players will be finding a whole range of symbols to make use of in order to set off the explosions. The TNT Tumble game acts as a classic Cluster Slot. If the player is able to score a combination, this will set off a reaction that will cause the symbols to explode. Once exploded, this causes other symbols to explode, and what will follow is a replacement for every symbol that has disappeared. If those new symbols that appear also land in a combination, this will cause another explosion to happen. You can keep chaining together more wins and explosions as long as you land the correct symbols.

The Wild symbol is the big case of TNT. By setting off the TNT, not only will this cause a cluster explosion, but it will also have the chance of setting off the secondary explosives at the bottom. Once these have exploded, they will expand the reels even further. Up to 3 more rows can be unlocked through this method, changing the game into a 5x7 reel slot machine instead.

The Drill Wilds are even better. These, when landed, can drill all the way to the bottom of the reels and unlock the extra symbols that way. If the player is able to drill all the way from the top to the bottom, this will offer a prize of 50x your initial bet.

Other unique features can be found and read up by visiting the official website of Relax Gaming. When your ready, come have a go and start off exploding the TNT Tumble.

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