Relax Gaming’s Powered By Network to Feature NetGaming Games

Relax Gaming has worked hard towards supporting fellow game providers all over the online gambling industry. The exclusive Powered By network is a group of many developer groups working together to produce quality content for thousands of customers. Now, a new provider has been officially added to the roster. NetGaming promises more platform-to-platform distribution thanks to its various connections.

The purpose of this new addition is to offer NetGaming more roads to cross in terms of building their own network of contacts and resources. Technology and ideas can be shared with each other to create more innovative and exciting new games. This can also help increase their target market, giving them a bigger audience to reach out with their products.

The Chief Executive Officer of NetGaming, Pallavi Deshmukh, issued the following statement after the reveal of the new partnership: “NetGaming has a lot in store and we are hoping to delight our customers as we continue to grow working alongside Relax Gaming’s knowledgeable and creative team.

They are delighted to join the team and have high hopes for what the future will bring thanks to be welcomed to such a prestigious group.

After only being founded in 2019, NetGaming has already made recent headway with its portfolio of incredible titles. Games such as Candy Burst and Age of DaVinci have reached out to many players and have gained them the popularity to be under Relax Gaming’s attention.

The CPO of Relax Gaming, Simon Hammon, also discusses the advantages NetGaming will have under this tutelage. Focusing on the group work with other providers is thought to be more beneficial for the industry than putting the sole effort into the relationship between provider and operator.

NetGaming will not only add to the Relax Gaming’s portfolio of over 640 games but help their industry grow faster than ever before.

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