Serbian Games Association is Now A Member of the EGDF

8 Oct 2020

The Serbian Games Association (SGA), Serbia’s industry trade body, has been welcomed into the membership of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), a body that represents game development studios across Europe. The SGA is officially the 19th association to become a member of the EGDF as the Federation continues to steadily expand its presence in the Central and Southern-Eastern regions of Europe.

Serbia is one of the nations that have recently been seeking entry into the European Union, and through the EGDF, game developers in the county will also have a platform to be heard all the way to the top in the decision-making process for the EU to influence policies that will shape their digital future.

Belgrade-based SGA is a non-profit organization that was established in 2018 with a focus on developing Serbia’s gaming industry. The members of the trade body are composed of Serbian teams and companies in the game developing sector as well as other content development and service providers in the entertainment industry at large. When it was founded, SGA’s mission was to give its members a platform that would assist them in competing on a global level by creating optimal conditions for the publication of stellar video games in Serbia and nurturing the creativity and talent of everyone in the business.

The EGDF, on the other hand, takes the responsibility of bringing together game development studios across 19 different European countries, including Serbia. Currently, the EGDF represents over 2,500 game development studios in the region that employ over 35,000 individuals.

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