Spain Issuing Their Next Move In Banning Gambling Advertisements

12 Aug 2019

Providers and operators of online casinos within Spain have received some rather troubling news in regard to how they can advertise their services. The PSOE minority government will be looking into multiple recommendations in restricting advertisements for gambling through the work of the Civic Ombudsman.

Despite efforts towards counter-arguing this new direction, the PSEO government has already started drafting the “Royal Decree” which will be placed into effect if they ever gain official government support. Once committed, gambling advertisement restriction will be classed as a federal law from the country, across most provinces within the Spanish region.

Already the Ministry of Finance has offered their support towards the new legislation and Ombudsman. The only requirement asked by the Ministry of Finance is for the recommendation of future enforcement for more responsible gambling measures.

Ombudsman has already been reported by the media as having their “toughest stance on gambling advertising”. As of May, the urgency directed towards the government has been met with strong opinions and arguments even calling a complete ban on almost all forms of gambling adverts including television, online adverts and other promotional methods.

Once the decree has been fully implemented by the government, the ban will be sent across the various communities within Spain to put the ban into the firm footing. National lotteries and even the ONCE charity organization will be excluded from this country-wide enforcement.

Many stakeholders within the country have already rejected the new proposal by Ombudsman, while others have simply employed a stricter code of advertising to help keep matters in a more secure setting. The Spanish Ministry of Finance will be informing the media and stakeholders whether these new systems will be put into place after the information has been reviewed.

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