Spelinspektionen New Strategy to Tackle Against Unlicensed Operators

18 Dec 2019

Spelinspektionen, known commonly as the Swedish Gambling Authority, has decided to take in new amendments to their gambling regulations within their country. The details of this new strategy towards safety has been officially published, revealing how they plan to take more preventive efforts in the fight against illegal brands.

The actions from illegal operators are known to have serious consequences for both the players who take part in them and the state that profits from it. Illegal operators run many risks of unprotected payment plans and adding no revenue to the country’s gambling operations. The aim of these new gambling regulations will be to prevent both of these consequences, hoping to drive players towards more respectable and officially licensed businesses.

The first procedure will be to pinpoint these illegal brands more effectively and taking the necessary steps required to officially block them from operating. A criterion will be made that the companies must pass in order to be seen as completely safeguarded and law-abiding. Any brand that misses the requirements from this criterion, no matter how small, will risk a potential breach in the system and commit the results labelled above. Examples of the criterion will be matters such as payment methods, terms and conditions and the target market where the brand is aimed at.

Primarily, in order to determine the target market, they will be looking at the contact details of those that run the brand and see if they possess a Swedish country code. Those that illegally target Swedish customers will most likely reign from abroad.

The official spokesperson for the Swedish Gambling Authority released an official statement in terms of what their plans will be for the new year and what they have looked on in the past.

“Spelinspektionen believes that there are several stakeholders who can take steps to limit the opportunity and incentives to conduct illegal gambling in Sweden. Spelinspektionen will prioritize collaboration with these bodies,” the statement said.

Working closely with the government will be the next main step in getting these new security measures to be put into place.

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