Splitz Feature to Be the Brand New Incredible Game Mechanic by Yggdrasil

badge Splitz Game Mechanic by Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil will be once again proving just how innovative and creative their thinking towards online gaming has become. A new gameplay feature to be added to their gaming line-up has just been announced. Yggdrasil will be officially releasing the new gameplay mechanic, Splitz. The aim of this new feature will be to boost the player’s chances of winning by increasing their immersion in the game and maximise their potential.

The way the Splitz system works will be in the form of mystery symbols. These symbols will be dropping down the reels with clever animations. The animations will be what splits the symbols into dividing paths down multiple reels at the same time. As the symbols drop down, a potential stack of 12 can be gained through possible circumstances. Once the reels have ended, the mystery symbols will then reveal themselves to be of the same symbol. This means that players will score a guaranteed win through the use of similar combination on as many paylines as they can land.

The first game by Yggdrasil that will be utilising this new gameplay feature will be one of their newest slots named Temple Stacks. This will be one of the first games they will release in the new year, looking towards a January launch. Not only will it be the first game to include this mechanic, but it will also be their first game to include over 200,000 paylines.

The Product Owner of Slots at Yggdrasil, Natalya Ovchinnikova, cannot contain her excitement for the potential of this new product. “The feature exemplifies our constant drive for innovation, and we look forward to introducing it to operator partners and players”. They hope that customers will find new Splitz slot feature to be most pleasing, as they will be implementing the gameplay with future games this coming year.

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