AGA Study Finds That Sports Bettors Are Going Legal

23 Jul 2020

A new study by the American Gaming Association (AGA) research reports that sports bettors are starting to abandon unlicensed bookies in favor of legal gaming platforms. From the numbers crunched in this report, the player expenditure in illegal bookies dipped by 25 percent in legal betting states last year, while expenditure on legal online and mobile betting increased by 12 percent. Unlicensed offshore gambling operators also noticed a three percent increase in the number of states that are regulating sports betting within their borders.

25% of players who switched to legal betting platforms said that their action was inspired by the fact that they were assured that their bets would be paid out. 20% switched after knowing about legal options, and 19% of the corresponded just wanted to use a licensed platform.

The data collected in the survey also established that 74% of the bettors say that it is important to bet via legal operators only, even though 52% of bettors in 2019 still staked on illegal betting platforms. Additionally, the study also discovered that illegal sports betting is propelled mainly by a misunderstanding about how online operators work. Over 55% of consumers who staked most of their bets with illegal operators thought they were betting legally.

To assist in educating bettors, the online sports betting map from the AGA contains a broad directory of licensed online and retail bookies in legal sports betting states. Furthermore, the AGA is actively working together with state and federal law enforcement agencies to increase the population’s collective understanding of the illegal sports betting markets. For instance, the AGA plans to involve media and publishers more to make sure their platforms do not endorse illegal betting and teaching the public about the associated hazards associated with unlicensed sports betting operators.

While states continue to legalize sports betting activities, AGA’s freshly renews sports betting principles urge policymakers to construct regulatory bodies that protect customers, ensuring strict oversight and foster a competitive environment that offers customers more convenience.

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