Latest Slot Feature from Stakelogic Super Stake Is Set to Double Wins

27 Feb 2020

Super Stake is the latest slot game developed by the talented people at Stakelogic. The game hopes to provide new innovations and new features thanks to the studio’s new developments in winning potential.

The way the bonuses works all rely on the double mechanics. In this traditional 5×3 reel slot machine, players will spin the reels and aim for the bonus symbols that lie hidden. How the double wins feature works is through a special betting system exclusive to this game. While players make their regular bet, they can also make a die bet on top of that. This effectively doubles the stakes they put into the game, which can mean double winnings. If they keep up this stake, they will be rewarded with an exceptionally high reward after every 35 spins.

For example, if they place a bet of £1 and spin the reels, they can also place a side bet of another £1. Meaning that if they win a payout, they can win the payouts for both of those bets. It’s similar to playing two games at the same time.

Another unique feature added to Super Stake is the Megaways system. This can increase the number of available paylines to over 100,000. This means that the potential to earn a win increases massively, providing so many more chances of scoring with both bets made. When the Megaways are active, the Super Stake bonus rounds are also activated. Up to 175 Wild symbols can appear on any of the reels, proving the chances of winning to increase even further.

Stephen van den Oetelaar is the CEO of Stakelogic. He released his statement after the announcement of the game shortly after. “Super Stake takes the excitement and anticipation of playing online slots to the next level, with the players waiting for that monster win to land at any moment”. The game will be providing new ways to play more than ever thought possible.

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