Sweden’s Ad Ombudsman Refutes Maria Casino’s ‘Most Popular’ Claim

4 Jun 2020

An advertisement by Kindred’s Group’s Maria Casino brand in the Swedish market has been flagged as misleading by the country’s advertising supervisory body. On May 26th, RO (Reklamombudsmannen), Sweden’s advertising watchdog, sanctioned a complaint brought against a 20-second TV advertisement by Kindred’s ladies-focused Maria Casino brand.

The advert cited the brand became ‘Sweden’s most popular gaming site’ after the platform increased its RTP rate from 96% to 98%. However, when the complainant questioned the customer support team for the source of its ‘most popular’ claim, the agents allegedly referenced certain reviews from their website.

In response to the complaint, Kindred quoted a study conducted on 1,660 customers by Nepa AB during the first 3 months of the year. The findings of the study showed the Maria casino was the leading online brand choice topping at 12.4%. Its main rival was Mr. Green (a William Hill brand) with a 6.3%. After the gaming’s site response, RO refuted the claim on the grounds that Maria Casino had not tabled any evidence showing that the said study was conducted in a way that can be considered reliable.

The advertising ombudsman also mentioned that the study in question was limited to online casinos which cannot fully justify the most popular gaming site claim. A conclusion was then arrived at stating that the ad was misleading and therefore breached Article 5 of the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules for advertising and marketing communications. This is already the 2nd time a Kindred brand has been on the radar for misleading claims as the RO had earlier in February dismissed its Unibet brand claim for having casino games with the highest RTP in Sweden. Kindred could not, however, substantiate this claim.

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