Reclaim Your Throne With The Sword And The Grail

7 Aug 2019

Play’n GO has produced countless titles that have captivated players from all corners- bringing in creative and inspiring games that are at the forefront of innovative technology, impressive graphics and exciting gameplay. Their new hit slot game, The Sword and the Grail, delivers an incredible experience that provides that extra boost in a challenge that veteran gamblers look for.

Based on the legendary tales of King Arthur, the game is set in the mediaeval times of the famous story. Joined by the well-known characters from this tale, Arthur will be accompanied by wizard Merlin, the beautiful lady Guinevere and one of the most trusted knights of the round table, Lancelot. In this telling of the story, the player must help the would-be king to reach his destiny by fulfilling the game securing his throne, using magical items such as the mystical sword in the stone or the enchanted holy grail.

When you play the game, it is best to aim for both the Wilds and the Scatter symbols. These offer the best bonuses for the player in order to secure the great treasures that lie in wait. Both these symbols are represented by the magical items of the legend mentioned before. The Sword would be the Wild and the Grail would be the Scatter. As well as bonuses, there is a long-term goal that can be reached from landing these symbols multiple times. By accumulating them over several spins, you can increase your rank in the army. You will start as an insignificant squire but can quickly rise through the ranks to become the incredible King Arthur himself.

The new game is set to be released, revealing a whole range of different features with new specializations that are sure to bring about what people love most about the industry’s leading software provider.

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