Tom Horn Gaming Presents Many Ways to Spin in the Spinball Slot

14 Dec 2019

Tom Horn Gaming have managed to secure themselves a great spot in the highlights of this year’s slot games. Their newest title is sure to get the heads of players everywhere spinning at every turn. Spinball is the action-packed slot game that is sure to fill you with both nostalgia and excitement. Based on everyone’s favorite arcade game, the new slot is sure to keep the ball rolling with new twists on the online gaming genre.

In Spinball, there aren’t exactly spinning reels in this game. At least not in the sense of any other slot machines out there. In this game, players will be launching the ball and will score winnings based on how many pads the ball hits while it is falling down the slope. In other words, it is exactly like the traditional pinball machine that everyone knows and loves – from the nostalgic sounds of it hitting the scoring boards to the flickering of the bumper pads that launch it back into the air. Everything you may have heard about this kind of game is all there and more.

This also includes the spinning of the reels themselves. This is a slot game after all. However, you can earn bonuses and increase your winning potential on the slot by what you manage to hit during the Spinball rounds. For example, if players manage to hit the Free Spins pads with the ball during the turn, they will be rewarded with actual free spins during the slot reel machine rounds. If they hit the big jackpot ramps, then they will earn bigger cash prize payouts for the wins they score on gaining combinations.

The graphics and sound effects are perfect for helping players feel like they are interacting with a real-life pinball machine. So much so that when they get to the slot machine round, they won’t be breaking their immersion. It’s fun for lovers of both styles of gaming.

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