UK Casinos Stop Accepting Credit Card Payments after a Ban by the UKGC

15 Apr 2020

Back in January, the UK Gambling Commission and the Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) declared a ban in gambling using credit cards. The new restriction was effective starting 14th April, meaning that no gambler is now allowed to use credit cards as a payment option to deposit funds in any online casino in the UK. On top of that, this prohibition also applies to credit card gambling via e-wallets.

Great Britain’s gambling regulator indicated that this ban on gambling using credit cards will augment the standards of essential player protection for consumer gamblers.

According to a report released by the UK Gambling Commission, this is a vital step forward in protecting over 10.5 million online gambling from problem gambling. Recent statistics show that a total of 800,000 individuals in the UK are regularly using credit cards to gamble online. Moreover, recent statistics by the gaming watchdog also indicate that over 20% of online gamers who use the banned mode of payment are problem gamblers, and many more have fallen victims to some form of gambling-related harm.

For Neil McArthur, the Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, the credit card ban will continue to protect consumers from financial harm. He added that the ban is particularly crucial for player protection at a time when online gambling activity has exponentially increased because of the COVID-19 related lockdowns.

The Gambling Commission also reminded online casino operators that they may permit player deposits through e-wallets only if those e-wallets do not enable credit card use for gambling.

Given the lockdown that’s currently in effect across the UK as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, this ban on credit card gambling is one of the many measures that the UKGC has been taking of late to maintain the safety of gambling.

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