UKGC and Facebook Partner in a New Advertising Guide

30 Sep 2020

UK’s gaming ombudsman, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), has joined forces with social media giant Facebook to draft new guidelines that focus on restricting the number of gambling-related advertisements seen on Facebook.

The new guidelines highlight a range of ways that the safety settings and tools of a user’s Facebook account can be tweaked to control what they can and can’t view as they scroll through their Newsfeed. The new measures in the guidance issued by the UKGC and Facebook will assist in mitigating the risk of user exposure to any form of gambling messages and ads.

Some of the key points covered in the UKGC-Facebook guidance include:

  • Hiding advertisement: Users can adjust their Facebook Newsfeed via the ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ setting to effectively hide all advertisements from a particular ad promoter.
  • Ad Preferences tool: Facebook users can adjust this feature accordingly to review the ad promoters of the advertisements they have viewed recently and choose to start seeing fewer advertisements about a range of topics.
  • Data Management: Through the Ad Preferences tool, users will also have more control over how ad promoters can use their collected data to show advertisements on and off the Facebook platform. Moreover, users will also choose whether advertisers can target them based on specific attributes that they have listed on their Facebook profiles.

The new measures are a follow up of UKGC’s industry ad tech challenge that the regulator announced earlier in the year to introduce new practices that will help reduce the exposure of vulnerable audiences to gambling ads via the internet.

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