UKGC Opens Online Slots Design Consultation

15 Jul 2020

Last Thursday, on the 9th of July 2020, the UK Gambling Commission opened a consultation process on modifications to the rule of slots design. This comes after the Gambling Commission’s 2019 industry challenge statement which was released in a bid to make betting safer for players.

The Commission’s interest in slots games comes due to the fact that online slots bring in the highest Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) compared to all other gaming products. While the number of gamblers who play slots is small, the average expenditure per player is usually higher. This is usually because slot machine structures come with features that often increase the intensity of play, posing a higher risk to vulnerable players.

Some of the changes proposed by the Commission in the proposal include:

  1. Re-classifying online slot games in the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards to boost regulations on slots.
  2. Ruling out split-screen slot games and operators must make sure users can only play one slot at a go per account.
  3. Getting rid of auto-play functions for online slots machines.
  4. Operators ought to let clients know their current gaming position by making sure they know whether they are winning or losing, and by what amount.
  5. Getting rid of soundtracks or visual effects from the ones which are linked with a small win. This is to ensure the player can easily distinguish between true winning spins and other spins.
  6. Eradicating the ability of operators to reverse customer withdrawal requests.

From the consultation, the Gambling Commission will weigh the options after looking at the proposed solutions and will take further action if required. The consultation period will end on 3rd September.

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