UKGC in Teaming With GamCare Completes Its Survey and Reveals Results

6 Apr 2020

In a cooperation with GamCare and the UK Gambling Commission, the two companies have joined forces to conduct a series of surveys that hope to shed light on any of the primary challenges that gambling regulators have been trying to overcome for this year. The purpose of these challenges is to help these regulators promote safer gambling across the industry.

The main part of the feedback was collected from the GamCare service users from the Responsible Game Design, Ad Technology and VIP scheme areas. A total of 75 participants were chosen for the survey that was shared via the GamCare online forum. The survey was a multiple-choice questionnaire where the participants were given options to choose from. Some of the responses are as followed: 70% of respondents said they would happily support a maximum stake per spin feature in a slot game; when they wished for a new tool or tools to help the consumer not spend too much, 78% agreed that they would be in favor of a limiting system that prevents them from spending too much money; when deciding what is their favorite aspect of gambling games, 79% were in agreement for the speed of the gameplay, 74% chose the amount of what you can bet, while 66% talked about bonus features.

Service users also shared their opinions in the survey to talk about what they would prefer. Some of the suggestions were to offer affordability checks on customers. Others were in favor of banning online advertisements for gambling companies altogether.

GamCare has taken this responsibility very seriously since their founding. They have worked hard to become the leading national advisor on gambling safety across the UK and the world. These surveys will hopefully provide better improvements to make gambling safer online, protecting those who are the most vulnerable.

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