Operators Requested for Multi-operator Self-exclusion Scheme GAMSTOP

15 Jan 2020

The Gambling Commission has requested a call to action from online gambling operators. The request is to join GAMSTOP initiated by March onwards. This multi-operator self-exclusion scheme has been in development for a while now and is aimed with the sole purpose of simplifying the self-exclusion process for online customers.

There are currently over 200 online operators, and many of which involve customers who wish to gain more help in being prevented from online gambling. Self-exclusion is about placing limits on the customer so that they can control how much they gamble or if they wish to stop altogether.

The head of the Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur, issued the following statement regarding the new scheme and its purpose:

“By the 31 March all online operators will be required to participate in the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme. Although the vast majority of operators are already participating in GAMSTOP this will make the coverage comprehensive.”

In relation to GAMSTOP, they are proud of how far the company has grown and by the fact that they were even able to make it this far with the research. Self-exclusion schemes are important when it comes to other gambling-related tools, such as gambling blocking software or payment card blocking. They believe that it is the duty of every online operator to do everything they can to minimize the risk of harm from online gambling, as well as the descent into gambling-related disorders.

Other organizations have also decided to take part in assisting with new schemes such as this. For example, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport ministers have been housing regular meetings with banks and the like for just the occasion. They use these meetings to discuss any possible issues and how they can improve their own technology to help protect customer data by preventing more risks.

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