The User Research Programme Is Looking For New Participants

27 Sep 2019

Every year, the Gambling Commission carries out regular research tasks, like its new Research Programme, in order to uncover the recent findings that can assist them with providing a better digital service. It may even help them create new types of services that casinos and software providers can develop to make players enjoy a safer path of gambling. Something that can benefit all types of gamblers and the workers that provide for them.

Thanks to the public registers, the Gambling Commission has successfully completed sets of research with dozens of participants. These will prove to be very promising for the parties involved. It is from this research that the information will be analysed to figure out exactly what needs to be improved or what new paths should be taken. More volunteers are now being encouraged to test the new digital services that the Gambling Commission has created from the previous feedback. The new feedback will then be taken along with the research as part of the study.

As of now, the doors are open for willing volunteers to register with the newly created User Research Programme. As soon as the user is registered, the GC will then send out details on the research being performed by contacting them with the information that is provided. You will then be asked to conduct the research under four different methods:

  • questionnaires;
  • telephone session;
  • face-to-face session;
  • the Commission workshop that can be chosen from the contact information provided.

You can join the User Research Programme by visiting the UK Gambling Commission’s official website. Required for registration will involve answering just 9 questions. This should take a total of just 2 minutes, so it doesn’t take up too much time. You can also find out more information by sending an e-mail and contacting the Gambling Commission directly. The e-mail is

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