Climb the Dangerous Peaks for Greatness with Yggdrasil’s 9k Yeti

Yggdrasil and 4ThePlayer have come together to bring one of the most exciting slot games ever perceived. Players will be witnessing a dangerous task ahead of them with glorious prizes right at the peak. In 9k Yeti, you must climb this mountain and face against the Yeti in order to achieve what you wish for. You can play to win 9,000x your initial bet and win in over 4,096 ways. The stakes are high, and they get even higher the further your climb this incredible mountain landscape.

The players will be spinning the reels in order to ascend further up the mountain. Land the prize symbols to earn payouts as you keep on going. To earn the bonuses, the first thing you must be on the lookout for is the Yeti footprints. These can trigger the free spins that come with an even greater bonus, the snowstorm feature. With this special bonus, any losses that you receive has the chance of turning into a win, thanks to the thick snowstorm which blankets the reels and reveals hidden new symbols. This storm may never even stop, as you can earn up to 88 free spins if you keep finding those footprints.

What makes 9k Yeti slot more incredible is the new technological innovation named Big Reel Portrait Mode. With this setting, players will be able to play the 9k Yeti game in full portrait mode that increases the size to 70%, unlike the previous 20%. This will be best used for those that wish to play the game on their mobile devices, making it the perfect mobile game to come out this year. As players spin these reels, they will notice how much more immersive it is to have their whole screen enveloped in the game to cut off distractions.

The Head of Studio Partnerships at Yggdrasil, Stuart McCarthy, discusses the new developments that will come from this game and its features.

“Together we have created a fantastic mobile-first game that players will instantly take to and want to come back to time and again,” he said.

Working with 4ThePlayer has brought new advantages to the table, further improving the way that look at games and how they are made.

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