Yggdrasil Presents Reptilian Adventure with the Wildness of Multifly!

Yggdrasil presents their newest and most innovative slot game, following a new journey with some friendly reptiles and other fantastic creatures in the hidden jungle. Multifly! was revealed to their audience at a pre-launch event and had already received excellent feedback. The excitement behind this slot is real and is waiting to be played for real.

In this wide, 5x3 reel slot machine, players will be matching up symbols based on various animals in the rainforest, as well as traditional card numbers with a classic green coating. What makes this game truly special is the multipliers that are attached to each reel on the board. If the player is able to score the bonus symbols, they can activate these reels depending on where the symbols are landed on. Other bonuses can maximize these multipliers even further, so make sure to land the most award-winning animals on the board to get the most of out your winnings. If done correctly, players will be able to take home a stunning 97,000 cash prize.

There is a reason why it’s called Multifly!, and not just the sheer number of multipliers that you can use in the game. The forest is full of beautifully drawn critters that each have their own unique animations when they have been landed on. Set with a gorgeous and luscious background, it really brings out the feel of the forest.

The Head of Publishing for Yggdrasil, Björn Krantz, discussed the excitement for tomorrow’s global release:

“Multifly! is yet again a clear proof of our firm focus to drive excellence in player experience, and always to have a player first development mindset.”

Their Games Team decided to be more ambitious with this slot by trying out new features and experiment with different combinations.

You can check out the famous Twitch streamers to gain an exclusive look at Multifly! and see for yourself.

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